Dental implants have become an extremely popular option for many patients with this attributable, not only to the fact that dental implants look like a person’s natural teeth, but because they are also durable, and thus their longevity is greatly enhanced compared to many of the other available options that might be considered like veneers and dentures.

With dental implants being embedded in the jawbone, and the screws which hold them there being made from titanium, one of the toughest and most corrosion-resistant metals on the planet, it is little wonder they are being seen as the ideal long term solution to lost, broken, and damaged teeth.

At DaVinci Smiles, as it is the case at any reputable dental implant centre, in order for a patient to have dental implants fitted, a minor surgical procedure has to take place. It is at the point of discovering this that some patients’ emotions start to switch from glee and excitement, to dread and possibly even fear.

We are not going to simply brush this aside and pretend to you that any fears or concerns you might initially have should be dismissed out of hand. Part of the service which any practice carrying out procedures relating to medical or dental procedures, has an obligation to address the concerns any patient might have.

It is not enough for us to simply say, ‘There is nothing to worry about’ when a patient is genuinely worried about a procedure that involves surgery, even if that surgery is minor. So, here are some facts about the dental implants that DaVinci Smiles provide, and the procedure we follow which we hope will allay any worries, concerns, or fears you may have.

The Procedure Is Planned Precisely

We need to repeat that dental implant surgery is minor, but that still requires us to plan your procedure carefully and precisely. Obviously, each patient will have different needs and the specific process for each will be adjusted accordingly. Accurate impressions will be taken of your jaw so that the construction of your implants perfectly matches what you require, and we will outline to you exactly what each stage will involve.

Your Treatment Will Be Conducted By Skilled And Experienced Professionals

It should reassure you, we trust, that the individuals who will be contributing to the entire process of creating and fitting your dental implants will all be fully qualified, experienced professionals. These are professionals whose main objective it is to ensure that their patients go through the procedure and specifically the surgery, with the minimum of discomfort, both during, and after the fitting of their dental implants

Pain Can be Minimised With Local Or General Anaesthetic

One of the biggest fears anyone has about visiting a dental practice is the fear of pain, and this is understandable, although in most visits to a dentist, the pain experienced is usually nowhere near that which was expected. Nevertheless, with dental implant surgery, we want to make you as comfortable as possible, and we respect that some patient’s fears and reticence to pain are greater than others might have.

For this reason, you can have the option of either having a local anaesthetic which will numb the specific areas around your mouth where the procedure is taking place, or you can ask to be put to sleep, in which case a general anaesthetic with all the necessary precautions and safety protocols will be followed.

Post Procedure Recovery has Minimal discomfort

Whilst you might experience some slight swelling, minor bleeding, and a small degree of discomfort for some days after your surgery, these invariably are a lot less than what you might imagine, especially given the nature of the procedure. You will be given tips to aid recovery, and medication can be prescribed to null any pain and reduce any swelling.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with a dental professional.

Disclaimer: Not all patients are suitable for dental implants, a consult and dental check up with the dentist is required before recommending any treatment.