Facial Analysis

Lip Support

Our teeth are not only provides us with a smile but are also there to support our facial structure. When we lose our teeth, we lose the supporting bone and we get that ‘drawn in sunken’ look of our lips and our cheeks which ages a person.

Lip Line during Speech and Rest

An analysis of the Lip Line during Speech and Rest makes it easier for our dentists to study different positions of the lips and observe the effects of aging.

The main aim is to analyse the images taken of the lips to support and provide suitable desired results for you to choose. We use a high-definition camera to capture the images of your current lips in different positions (smiling, resting and conversational). After that, we use software to carry out measurements and present the possible after procedure photos on the desired results.

Vertical Dimension of the Face

Vertical dimension is the distance between any point on the upper jaw bone and to a point on the lower jaw when the jaw is closed. In our facial analysis, we will analyse the vertical dimensions of your face and provide recommendations and outcomes to your treatment plan.

Jaw Size and Shape

The longer a tooth is missing, the greater the amount of bone loss. Dental implants maintain bone volume and density levels over many years.

Clinical Exam

Soft and Hard Tissue Analysis

In the last few years, technology has provided new instruments for the three-dimensional analysis of human facial study. Currently, assessments of dimensions, positions and proportions of distinctive facial features can be obtained for both soft and hard- (skeletal and dental) tissues. New mathematical tools allow to fuse digital data obtained from various image softwares, thus providing information for a comprehensive treatment plan.