Whether we love and need them because it is one of the first facial expressions babies make, the fact that it indicates that someone is pleased to see us, or we have one when we are happy is all open to argument, but nobody can deny a smile isn’t something positive in our lives. Every painting, photograph, or video we see where one or people are smiling is going to give us far more pleasure and good feelings than any that show frowns and scowls.

With our smiles being so cherished, it is little wonder that when our own smile is compromised because we have issues with our teeth, that our feelings can range from annoyance and disappointment at one end of the scale, through to outright embarrassment. In the worst cases, social phobias can occur which can become debilitating to the person suffering from them as they stop going out for fear that someone will see their ‘ruined’ smile.

At DaVinci Smiles we see patients whose emotions cover a broad range of feelings when their smile has been rendered less than perfect. Whilst we reassure them that the visible evidence may be less significant than they might believe, the simple fact is that many patients will not feel emotionally and psychologically restored, until their smile is also restored to what they believe it should feel and look like.

With dental implants, such as those which we at DaVinci Smiles specialise in, everyone who has dental problems which directly impact negatively upon their smile, has the opportunity to have that smile completely restored, and in many cases enhanced. Dental implants can rectify and improve a number of issues that may be impacting someone’s smile, and here are some of the scenarios where dental impacts are most applicable in terms of restoring a smile to its former beauty.

Filling Gaps Created Due To Missing Teeth

On a practical level, the most common reason that someone’s smile is going to be less attractive than it may have been previously, is due to missing teeth, especially the incisor teeth which are positioned at the front of the top and bottom jaw. It is because these are the most prominent teeth when you smile, that makes their loss so noticeable. By having dental implants fitted to replace each and every one of the teeth which are missing , you can smile confidently once more.

Replacing Broken Or Damaged Teeth

Accidents happen, and when they are accidents that involve the mouth being subject to a heavy blow, then the outcome can be damaged, teeth. Teeth can also be damaged in less dramatic circumstances such as biting into a super-hard piece of food. Whatever the cause, broken or damaged teeth are going to detract from the beauty of your smile. Once again, dental implants can be used to replace one or more damaged teeth in order to restore your smile.

Replacing Discoloured Teeth

Teeth can become badly discoloured for many reasons such as smoking, ill-health, and poor oral care, such as not brushing them regularly. You might still have a full quota of teeth, but if they are extremely discoloured your smile may be beyond repair. If the discoloration cannot be rectified, and some of your teeth are beyond redemption, then replacing them with dental implants and ensuring you get the others properly cleaned or whitened, should return your smile to normal.

With our smiles playing such a huge role in letting others see how we feel, and the fact that they are a positive influence on how we appear to others, keeping it as beautiful as we can is vital. Should the worst occur, and you go beyond the stage of retaining your smile to the need for restoration of your smile, dental implants can be the solution to having your beautiful smile returned to you.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with a dental professional.

Disclaimer: Not all patients are suitable for dental implants, a consult and dental check up with the dentist is required before recommending any treatment.